Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Shades of Wisdom...

The last few of my blog posts have been a bit abstract, so this time I decided to give a more tangible idea of what its like to walk through the streets of Sarajevo through my eyes. You'll get the reason for the pictures above soon enough. (I miss you Stef!)

As I thought through a good way to describe Sarajevo through pictures, there was one idea that stuck out to me more than any other. An idea, really a fact, that does, in fact, give another glimpse to the awesomeness that is Sarajevo. A fact that does, in fact, shed light on yet another reason why its one of the coolest, smartest, hip-est cities ever.

What's that fact? The fact is: they completely agree with the title of this blog! Red heads are, indeed, the very best heads! Female Sarajevans have this thing with red hair-especially the older and, I might add, wiser generation. While it is rare to see a natural redhead (unless you hang out with a certain "oklatexan"), it is very common to see ALL sorts of red on the streets.

After I was struck with this observation, I started taking tons and tons of pictures. Everytime I saw a redhead, I would try to snap a picture of it, thinking I would eventually use it for a blog post. But instead showing you my slightly-stalkerish-and-slightly-creepy picture collection, I decided to give ya'll a clearer glimpse of how common it really is! Except for the first two, all of the pictures below were taken during one 30 minute afternoon walk.

The first two were taken at an international Christmas bazaar for the embassies (one that the USA wasn't a part of, but thats a whole other story....).

The color and tail? I'm impressed! Not sure of many more people could pull that off!

I'd say this one was pretty normal, but we're just getting warmed up!

The following pictures were all taken during a span of about 30 minutes as I walked through the center of town...

I love this one!
"Look mom! Its like the sunrise!"

I saw this lady seconds after seeing the previous picture. Does this remind anyone else of OU/Texas, or is that just me?

Not as bright, but loving how it fits in with the red coat next to her.

This one almost looks like a natural color...

"Yeah.. I'm thinking of getting rid of the brown and going with more of an orange/red color..."

If you notice, all three of these ladies have at least a tint of red in their hair..

Pretty sure the man on the far left was thinking about dying his next.

We might be related somehow...

Again, not as bold of a red, but we young ones can tend to be more timid. :)

I'm not sure why this lady looks so unhappy. Your hair looks fab!

Loving the contrast from the plaid jacket to the hair...

Last but certainly not least!

And to close up this quasi-random post, here's another picture for any of you that have ever doubted whether or not I'm supposed to be here...

Now THAT'S deluxe view! Haha... ha..... egh. Nevermind. :)

I hope that even in the midst of all of my random sillyness, you will somehow gain more of an appreciation of what the city of Sarajevo is like! 

Till next time,