Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Winter "Shorts"

One of my bigger fears about starting this blog was that I would run out of things to write about. Well, guess what? Nothing has been further from the truth (at least, not yet!). My problem for the last month or so has been that I've had TOO many things to talk about, and I couldn't focus well enough to publish a concise post.

This has been my "creative process" the last month:
  1. Think of an idea for a post.
  2. Start writing the post.
  3. Log in the next day to edit, but think of another topic.
  4. Start writing a different post than the one before it. 
  5. Repeat steps 1-5.
So today, instead of writing a blog on just one subject, I've decided to give my perfectionistic tendencies a rest and give a few snap-shots ("shorts") of some experiences I've had over the last month or so, with the most impactful one for me being the last one. 

Super Bowl Highlights

Throughout the month of January, I was writing essays entitled "Peyton Manning je moj momak," which translates directly to "Peyton Manning is my boyfriend." In these essays, I explained what the Super Bowl is (my language teacher had NO idea), how American football is indeed NOT rugby, and who Peyton Manning is. 

To my surprise and delight, they DID air the Super Bowl live on a local channel. Some "minor" differences: kick-off was at 12:30 A.M., there were NO commercials, there were NO Doritos to be found, and the broadcasters spoke only German.

Watching the athletes guzzle water every 10 minutes during what would be the commercial breaks reminded me of how normal of a game it really is. In a way, I enjoyed it more because of that. 

A New Sporting Love Unveiled!

The Winter Olympics started this week, and guess how I kicked them off ? By skiing (albeit, slowly!) on  authentic Olympic Slopes! (Pretty sweet for a southern girl, huh?) As you know, the Winter Olympics were held in Sarajevo in 1984.  These beautiful ski slopes are only a 40 minute drive from my apartment and are incredibly cheap to take advantage of!

 Here are a few more pictures from the mountain (Jahorina):
 Look at all that snow!

Icicles? or Weapons? I'm not so sure... 

Michelle, Dejan and I waiting for our awesome (only Bosnian speaking) ski instructor.

Njegomir was a FANTASTIC coach! He had all of us (including nervous, inexperienced little me) skiing from the top of the mountain by the time his time with us was up! 

We did our first couple of hours of ski lessons in this area.

Look at that clear blue sky!

Is the grinch hiding somewhere in there? 

P.S. Bunny hills are only allowed if you are like 12 and under... For some reason, I couldn't convince them I was in that age group. It was my height, right?

A celebratory picture after surviving the first part of the trip down the mountain, all limbs still intact.

Till next time-